Encrypter-X SCS
Secure Communication System
This is the theoretical design of a system protected by MOTP encryption, which can be penetrated by unauthorized persons only by sabotage of authorized employees.

The first requirement for the SCS is that all computers involved in the system are only on an internal network. Only one of the computers hosts the SCS server, which has a gateway to the outside of the Internet. Only the send and receive ports of the SCS server are open to the outside on this computer as well. The second requirement is that all communication with SCS is exclusively encrypted with OTPs, thus fulfilling one of the most important conditions for absolutely secure encryption, namely to use a new unique key for each encryption, the server keeps supplying its clients with new keys by delivering them to the clients also encrypted.

Clients then log in to the SCS server using an account and password by encrypting the logins with a key known to the client and the server. The SCS server then provides this client with a new, encrypted, unique key bundle for further communication. Unauthorized persons thus have no chance to communicate with the system, and intercepting the traffic also makes no sense, since it cannot be decrypted. This automatic key supply means that an initial key only has to be supplied once when the accounts are created.

When using the EncryptionFactory, it is possible to work with very large, truly random keys (> 1MB) of high quality, all of which are only ever used for one transfer. Such protected systems can be used to control and monitor system-relevant infrastructures such as electricity, gas and water supply, etc. without being affected by hacker attacks.