Encrypter-X User Guide
Encrypted audio connections
A secure, encrypted audio connection can be established between two Encrypter-X applications. To do this, it must be configured on both sides and the ports used must be enabled in the firewalls.

The function for this can be accessed via the main menu item Accessories and the menu item Audio Configuration ... can be reached.
Only a few parameters need to be set. The only thing to note is that the same key bundle is present and selected on both sides and that the microphone port on the opposite side must be the speaker port and vice versa. Since the microphone acts as a transmitter client, it must be informed of the IP address of the receiving service on the opposite side.

The channels can be enabled via the and buttons as soon as everything is ready.
If different key bundles are selected on both sides, only a hissing noise can be heard in the loudspeakers. Only when both have selected the same key bundle can clear text be heard.

The button can be used for manual synchronization for key scanning, but this is not actually necessary because synchronization takes place automatically on an ongoing basis.

The connection remains even when the configuration dialog is closed again. At the bottom right of the GUI, the icons show which channels are active.
For test purposes, you can also connect the application to itself using the same port for microphone and speaker and the IP address But be careful: Please set the volume to minimum at the beginning, because otherwise a strong feedback can occur.