Package de.das.encrypter.processors

package de.das.encrypter.processors
Classes for performing specific tasks such as encrypting, decrypting, byte array splitting and assembling, sending byte arrays, searching for keys, generating random factors, and the like.
  • Class
    An assembler is a class that provides the functionality to reassemble data fragments of a key that has been split by a splitter into one key again.
    The task of the block sender is to send a given byte array in portions via UDP to a receiver.
    This class provides methods for encryption and decryption using the unique and random keys created by this factory.
    The searcher scans periodicaly all drives since letter "C" and looks for folders named "Bundle".
    This interface defines parameters and positions for blockwise UDP data transfer.
    Interface for classes which want to get information about a current progress.
    The random factor generator is a tool that can run independently and concurrently with an application.
    Interface for classes which want to receiver random floating point values from the random factor generator.
    Interface for classes which want to get information about the result of transfer operations.
    An instance of this class can be used to split a byte array into individual, smaller blocks.
    Class for managing the transmission process between a block sender and the associated receiver.