Package de.das.encrypter.model

package de.das.encrypter.model
All classes for definition, creation, searching for and handling of random keys, where the created keys can have any size and their most important property is their true randomness and the fact that they cannot be reproduced in any case.
  • Class
    An entry point supplier delivers an entry point into the pure key bundle and monitors the entry points used until now via the given key bundle ID.
    Exception to handle usage of invalid keys.
    Interface for specifying required constants and positions of values in the key and encryption headers.
    Class, which represents a key with its identifier and current path to its location.
    Class to provide information of a key and its location not the key itself.
    A hash map with the key file objects of all detected keys.
    Interface for classes which want to use the key files searcher.
    Exception in case the required key is not available.
    Exception to handle the attempt to decrypt non-encrypted data.