Encryption Factory
Java Library for encryption and decryption


EncryptionFactory Souce
Encryption Factory is a Java library that provides all the tools to generate and manage unique random keys, encrypt data or files, decrypt data or files, and hide data or files in other suitable files by applying the MOTP method.

Since it is often not easy to use a Java library just because of a Java-Doc, in the zip file is the source codes of the library with some examples how to use it.
  • Crypto Service User
  • Encryption Decryption Example
  • Key Analyzer
  • Key Creation Example
  • Key Searching Example
  • Pattern Checker
  • Pattern Comparer
To use the QR code functions, the additional library "ZxingCore.jar" or "core-3.3.0.jar" is required, which can be found on the web.